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Dental Hygiene and Overall Health

Scientists are discovering more and more about the connections between dental health and the health of our entire body.

If our eyes are the windows to our soul, then our mouth is the front door to our body and the teeth may well be the windows to our health, according to mounting evidence that suggests there is a strong link between them. Which is something I have been saying as a holistic dentist for many years.

If the scientists are right – and the evidence is becoming hard to ignore – our oral health can play a big part in our risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and even the health of a newborn child. And this may be only the tip of the iceberg.

“There’s a whole lot of research out there at the moment trying to focus on the links between oral health and general health in both directions – poor oral health affecting general health and poor general health affecting oral health,” says Dr Matthew Hopcraft, president of the Australian Dental Association Victorian Branch Inc.

It’s not surprising really. The whole body is connected, but for such a long time people and medicine have thought about the mouth as being a separate part of the body and that dentists work in isolation from the rest of the body. That clearly doesn’t make any sense anymore, anatomically or physiologically as the mouth and teeth are a part of you and are connected to the body by a vast myriad of blood vessels and nerve supply, plus all our food and drinks enter the body via the mouth.


It appears that poor oral health, and in particular the presence of inflammation in the form of gum disease, increases your risk of heart disease as well as stroke. A study conducted by the University of Queensland found that it was the bacteria found in the mouth, and more specifically in infected gums, that are so damaging. The group was able to locate T cells that are reactive to oral bacteria in the arteries of people with atherosclerosis, where damage to the arteries is caused by a build-up of fatty deposits.

Finding oral bacteria inside coronary arteries in people with heart disease is not something you would expect to find but bacteria from the mouth sitting in a blood vessel in the heart suggests that this is where the link between gum disease and heart disease is coming from. As the mouth acts as a kind of portal, allowing bacteria to travel through the bloodstream to other parts of the body especially in a person with gum disease as the blood vessels become more swollen and more permeable, and more likely to allow bacteria or bacterial toxins from the infected gums into the bloodstream where they travel to other parts of the body.

Our gums are too often neglected, despite the fact that the health of your gums can be just as important as the health of your teeth. In fact, it can be hard to have healthy teeth without healthy gums.


Less is known about the link between gum disease and diabetes, but the evidence is mounting. People are now starting to do the research and understand the links much more closely and it appears there may be a link between gum disease and diabetes, but it’s probably more the other way around. Thus people with diabetes are more at risk of developing gum disease or gum disease becoming more aggressive and causing more problems due to the altered immune response experienced by people with diabetes that makes them more susceptible to the bacteria that cause gum disease. Poorly controlled diabetics often have problems with the microvascular system, so the small blood vessels tend not to work so well, which affects the way the gums respond and heal to gum disease.”

Treating gum disease can help with diabetes as if you can control gum disease, the diabetes becomes easier to control. Diabetes is much harder to control if there is an ongoing connection.


The effects of dental health can even be carried from the mother to the child. Gum disease or gingivitis is associated with increased rates of premature birth so it is important to make sure very early in pregnancy that expectant mothers have a dental visit to treat any issues. Around 18 per cent of premature births are related to gingivitis. Pregnancy itself can also affect dental health; there is an old folk belief that you lose a tooth for every child. The idea is that pregnancy can affect your general health and certainly tooth problems can become worse during pregnancy, so it’s even more important to stay on top of any potential problems with regular dental visits during this time.


A dry mouth can indicate a number of conditions and lifestyle factors, which can have a big impact on both oral health and overall health.

Dry mouth is a fairly common side effect for people taking a wide range of medications, particularly if when someone is taking a lot of different medications as they tend to all work together to impact on saliva flow. Saliva is really important to be able to talk and chew and gives lubrication, which protects teeth from decay. It helps to wash away food and acid and provides a buffer against harm. People with low saliva flow are often at much higher risk of tooth decay.

Alcohol and illegal drugs can also produce dry mouth syndrome. A person’s mouth gives you a lot of clues straight away as alcohol and drug use can affect the teeth. Cocaine, ecstasy, heroine, amphetamines can cause a lot of damage. Then there are some medical conditions which can lead to dry mouth, such as rheumatoid arthritis. Also as the mouth is a part of the gastro-intestinal system it also gives you some clues as to what’s going on in other parts of the gut and with digestion.

The state of the mouth and gums and oral health can paint an even broader picture of where a person is at. People with oral problems often report lower overall quality of life, lower self esteem and psychological wellbeing; and because of pain or the appearance of their teeth, they don’t feel so great about themselves.


With links being drawn between oral health and the rest of the body, there has been a concerted push to link GPs and dentists more than they have been in the past. GPs need to be able to detect abnormalities of the mouth and oral health. Doctors don’t necessarily need to know how to treat these conditions but should at least be able to detect them and then refer to the appropriate dentist or specialist.

The AMA agrees saying: “Part of what we do is to educate GPs and nurses. The doctor should know, for instance, that their diabetic patients are more at risk of gum disease and should be telling them that part of their management should be regular dental checkups.”

So simplistically if we can improve someone’s oral health we can potentially reduce their risk of other significant health problems they may have and this is the main focus of holistic dental practice.

Experts: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make

Using the Internet to Find Health Care and Medical Services

At one time, health care and medical services were only sought when there was a problem of some kind. For instance, one would not visit the dentist unless there was some kind of problem that you were experiencing, like tooth ache or you had a broken or chipped tooth. Recently, the main focus of most health care providers, including dentists, has been preventative care and health maintenance services. Today, when you visit you local dentist, the focus is not going to be so much on giving you fillings or performing that root canal, but rather on maintaining the health of your smile.

You may be wondering what health care providers, and particularly dentists, are doing differently these days? Many of us certainly remember the days when going to the dentist was about the last thing you would ever want to do. But these days, local dentists have gone to great lengths to change that image. Primarily, most dentists have changed the primary focus of their work, concentrating on preventative maintenance rather than on emergency care like filling cavities and pulling teeth. Of course, if you are in need of these interventions they are still done, but the focus of your visit is in making it so that you will not need these interventions.

Of course, you are probably wondering how they have been able to manage this shift in focus? Most dentists begin by applying the latest advances in dental technology. Over the years, there have been many advances in dentistry that have made dentistry less invasive and difficult on the patient. Also, by keeping their dentists trained in the latest techniques and by using only the latest and most advanced equipment, a leading edge dental practice can provide a clean, safe and friendly environment for their patients.

Generally, people end up suffering unnecessarily because they think that getting a medical problem treated will be worse than the actual medical problem itself. Sometimes, people are hesitant to seek medical care and health care services because of the bills that they will incur. These days, dental services are generally not performed if the patient does not have the ability to pay. Most dental offices work with all major insurance providers and even have financing available for most patients so that the amount that the insurance company will not cover can be done in management payments.

Anyone who is interested in learning more about medical and health care services available in their local area should take a moment to search the Internet. By visiting the website of a local health care provider, like a local dentists for instance, you will be able to read more about the services they provide and the insurance companies that they accept. To get started, all you have to do is search the Internet for a dentist in your local area.


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Utilize a Variety of Methods to Shed Weight

Shedding pounds is challenging to do and also the approaches you are trying might not be beneficial in your case in addition to your system. A lot of people are able to achieve their very own recommended weight by reduction of calories. Additional men and women have to add more physical exercise with their every day routine along with minimize the quantity of calories from fat they will ingest every single day. Another group may reduce their own unhealthy calories and physical activity yet still be unable to achieve the targeted weight. Regarding the third cluster, a prescription diet patch can help them get over their own weight loss boundaries and achieve their set goals. You can learn much more about medicated diet patches in addition to precisely how they’re able to aid in supporting people who are interested in shedding weight and achieving in much better physical condition from Patches are merely a tool to include in an overall weight reduction technique rather than created to be utilized on it’s own. Simply because they could lead to diminished urge for food, it is important for anyone who implements a medicated diet patch to continue to consume well balanced meals so that they don’t get rid of muscle whilst they are weight loss. You will learn by the Diet Patch HQ web site regarding other good ways to lose fat as well as improve your health with a number of tactics and techniques.

Questions About Treatments You Must Know the Answers To

Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction

There are different type of treatments for erectile dysfunction, however, we need to know first what is erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is flawed as inadequate. Erectile dysfunction is when a man is incapable of erection when in intercourse or when masturbating. It is also considered that a man is suffering from erectile dysfunction when he is inadequate of long time erection. Erectile dysfunction in men can be caused by a lot of reasons. In worst cases, the reason may be medical. When it comes to erectile dysfunction, there are a lot of treatments available in this era.

A healthy lifestyle will do great chances in treating erectile dysfunction. Smoking will inflate erectile dysfunction, therefore it is better to stop smoking if one’s intention is to be cured. Too much of alcohol will not do you good. Overweight people must be motivated to exercise when having erectile dysfunction issues, thus exercise is a solution to both the weight and the man problem. In order to make losing weight fun, try sports. Another way of treating erectile dysfunction without drug intake is sexual therapy. Stress is a big factor on ED. Emotion plays a big part on ED. ED may be caused by over thinking possible outcomes of intercourse. These are types of cure for erectile dysfunction that will comfort your needs. Most popular treatments for ED are oral meds. The perfect examples for oral medicine for ED are inhibitors and Viagra, Levitra and Cialis. Inhibitors and Viagra, Levitra and Cialis improve the effects of nitric oxide. Nitric acid is a chemical that helps the muscles of the organ relax and enhance blood flow.

It is best taken an hour before intercourse. It is best to consult your doctor before taking oral medicine if most specially you have hypertension. Others inject drugs in treating ED. Injecting drugs helps attain 30 minutes of erection. Injecting drugs can be done on your own provide you have a doctor’s guidance which is why you should be very cautious and careful. This type of treatment is only done once a week to ensure and guarantee the safety of the patient.

Some use vacuum devices for treatment. This is tedious but helpful to those experiencing partial erection.

Surgery is the last resort for people who suffer ED. This method is done when; there’s a need for arteries reconstruction to enhance the blood flow to the male organ, to implant a device that can keep an erection and to suture veins that admits blood leaks. There are a lot of ways in treating ED.

Opening your mind and having a trusted doctor is all you need as this is very vital to the overall healing of the patient’s disease.