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Hormones and Your Health (Part 1)

People don’t give much thought to hormones once they get through puberty. That’s that age when people seem to justify everything an adolescent says or does with:

“Oh, it’s just all those hormones.”

But hormones don’t just go into hibernation for the rest of your life once you reach adulthood. You may not be able to feel the effects of a hormonal imbalance quite like you do a nail through your foot or a broken nose, but hormones are still present and active.

In fact, five organs control and excrete the level of hormones found in the body at any one time. These include: the thyroid gland, adrenal glands, kidneys, pancreas and the gonads. The pituitary gland, which is essentially the center of all things hormonal, controls all five glands by communicating when and how to act. The entire set of glands act together to make up the endocrine system.

The pituitary gland is a tiny, pea-sized organ located in the brain. It connects the mind to the body in a very literal way. When the pituitary senses a need for a hormonal excretion, it sends signals to the other part or parts of the endocrine system to get the job done.

For example, the pituitary will send signals to your thyroid gland whenever your metabolism needs to be revved up or slowed down. All thyroid glands operate a bit differently from person to person. Just like some houses have seven TVs using electricity and others only have the light that they read by.

However, when the thyroid is imbalanced even for you, two things can occur. Hyperthyroidism, a condition that throws your thyroid gland into overdrive will cause rapid weight loss, fatigue, increased appetite, trouble sleeping and brittle hair. Hypothyroidism occurs when the thyroid seems to have gone on permanent stand-by status. Increased weight gain, sensitivity to cold and muscle aches are all signs and symptoms. Genetically overweight families can attribute their battle with the scale to the lack of hustle their thyroid gland is showing.

Stress is controlled by hormones, as well. The adrenal glands, located on top of the kidneys, control the cortisol output, produce estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and adrenaline. Needless to say, adrenal glands have their work cut out for them. When more or less of these hormones are produced, bad things can happen. For example, excess of cortisol can cause weight gain, facial hair (ok, if you’re a guy, not so becoming on a woman) and acne. Buffalo hump is also caused by elevated cortisol levels. In case you don’t know, Buffalo hump refers to an excess of fat gathering between the shoulders.

The kidneys produce a hormone responsible for red blood cell creation and also protect other tissue cells from effects of lack of oxygen. While the pancreas aids in the digestive process by producing insulin. It takes the glucose that enters your blood stream after you’ve had a meal and carries it through your body so it can be used as fuel. Both organs play an important role, and if either fails, consequences are serious.

Finally, a word you probably haven’t heard since you graduated grade school – the gonads. We all have them, males and females alike and they are, of course, our sex glands. In men, they produce sperm, cause facial hair and change voices from high and squeaky to low and man-like. While in women, the glands are located in the ovaries and produces the egg.

Weight Loss Shakes Can Help You Be Healthier

Weight loss has always been a big challenge for those who need it, especially those who have a sweet tooth. Any weight they lose gets replaced by the calories in the drinks and foods they enjoy. However, there is a way of sorting this out – Weight Loss Shakes.
All it takes is deciding which kind of flavor you want for your shake and learning how to make one. These shakes are extremely easy to make and carry lots of monounsaturated fatty acids to target fat that has accumulated in the body. That means you can lose the weight you want and still satisfy that sweet tooth.
The ingredients in the shakes will vary. You might love banana shakes, vanilla, Dutch chocolate, strawberry, or some other flavor. If you can’t find the exact flavor you want you can surely find something close to it at your local grocery store.
Before you decide what flavor you’ll create, make sure that it has been explicitly stated that this ingredient will assist you with your weight loss goals. These shakes are energy-laden in a way that makes them a good substitute for your meals. For example, if you want to replace your breakfast with a shake, the shake will have all the necessary proteins, vitamins, and minerals it takes to replace that meal. It will give you the energy you need to face the day.
It’s always a good idea to work along with a nutritionist so your diet will be safe and you can lose the weight you want properly. They can inform you of which meals will be best for you to substitute the shakes for. When you have the advice of a good nutritionist you can’t go wrong. However, if you don’t have this kind of access, then the information is easily found online.
There are plenty of websites dedicated to guiding people on how to make the best weight loss shakes for their particular needs. It’s a good idea to read reviews and try to hear from someone else who has tried the kind of shake you’re considering before. Educate yourself on the pros and cons and find out how long it took other people to lose weight on their shakes. Know all about it before you go in and make the most out of your weight loss shake experience.

A Continued Discussion of Health Care Issues

In a previous article, I had mentioned about some preliminary results that were posted on about the positive effect that infrared therapy has had on the potential “to prevent, control, manage or possibly lead to complete rehabilitation” of people who have Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS).

For those of you who have not visited, here are some details from the posting. The GAAD Medical Research Institute Inc., based on Toronto Canada, is conducting these tests. The study start date was May 2008 and the estimated study completion date is June 2010. To quote the study, its purpose is “Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), sometimes called Lou Gehrig’s disease, or (Maladie de Charcot) is a progressive, usually fatal, neurodegenerative disease caused by the degeneration of motor neurons, the nerve cells in the central nervous system, that control voluntary muscle movement. This study will investigate the use of far infrared radiation for the control, management, and treatment of ALS.” In addition, from the posting, its official title is Phase 1 Study to determine the efficacy of using infrared radiation for the control, manage and treatment of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.

Before giving you the details of their preliminary results, which were processed on October 18, 2009, I would like all of you to consider some very important issues. I have to ask the questions, how many out there know what infrared heat is? How many know how infrared heat can be applied in a wellness of preventative mode? How many out there understand the true significance of relieving stress, managing pain, managing weight loss, and other residual benefits from the application of this technology? These questions are the ones that each of us needs to answer in order to help ourselves bridge the gap between the debate in Washington and Main Street’s need for quality and affordable health care. I know the answer to these questions will do precisely that. These are therapies and techniques that the medical profession would prefer you do not know about. The distance between the Washington politicians and the medical community can be bridged.

The posting on, after a description of what ALS is, describes preliminary results. The preliminary results are, “Observations from our research studies indicates that far infrared rays provide energy to the body, improve the autonomic functions of the nervous system, restore the functions of the endocrine system, strengthen the immune system, improve blood circulation and increase the level of oxygen in the cells, and promote the regeneration of muscle cells, nerves and brain cells.”

“It is hereby postulated that irradiation, using far infrared, with wavelength between 5 to 20 microns of the central nervous system, the endocrine system, and the whole body, could prevent, control, manage or possibly lead to complete rehabilitation of people who have ALS.”

A Glance on Hair Extensions that Order Hair Extensions Online

Also known as virgin hair, these hair extensions have been quite dominant in the Malaysian market as well. The main reason why the hair extensions of Malaysia have been significant is because, when compared to the products of other countries, the Malaysian hair extensions can order hair extensions online are generally thicker, heavier and are more dense. Also the hair is really soft and impressively silky.

Virgin hair, that are available from Malaysia, are relatively newer in the market. Due to this their prices may be a bit higher than the others. These extensions can be an ideal choice for all those who are looking for curvy or at least wavy hair. The sole disadvantage is that the hair is found in only dark shades. However these one-kind-of -shades rarely matter when compared to their offered softness and the silky texture.

The Malaysian straight hair extensions also attain an important place. These extensions like the other kinds of stuff, are easily available in the real as well as in the online market. Shopping sites like, along with many others have been leading the online market for the supply of these extensions.

These Malaysian straight hair extensions are largely available in these shopping sites in either 3-4 pieces, or 4-5 or even up to 10 pieces. Undoubtedly when purchased online, it would be indeed a good decision. This is because while most of the local dealers may supply fake hair, the online sites only deliver original products. Barring this, the extensions found in these sites are really silky and shiny, as original Malaysian straight hair should be. Of course the prices are bound to vary depending on the brands and the quantity.

Before purchasing these virgin hair it is really important not to get lured away with inexpensive prices. For getting the right hair, especially the straight ones, it is better to make any purchase only after consulting a good hair stylist.

The majority of the auto insurance market remains in rate-regulated companies

Utility trailers, for example are commonly used for hauling gravel or top soil, do not jeopardize your own insurance. They may be used without your getting any additional coverage. If there is any doubt about whether a trailer is a house trailer or perhaps a utility trailer, check with your own insurance company.

The following case, which usually came up within Texas, signifies the importance of truck insurance.

Upon May Nine, 1999, an accident occurred on a TX highway about nine miles south of the capital of scotland- Austin, in between an automobile possessed and driven by Sam Brown, the particular plaintiff appellant, as well as an automobile of David Jones.  The Smith vehicle was pulling a 1998-model ‘Rangerover’ two-wheel steel trailer, Twelve to Fourteen feet in length. It was completely enclosed and had a small screened-in window equipped with Venetian blinds, and both a great outer doorway and screen door in their side. Within, there was the bunk or perhaps cot, yet no services for cooking or perhaps eating. A clip was designed with separate gas brakes which may be run from within the car to which it absolutely was attached, and was referred to on the 1999 Florida sign up card like a house kind body.

Upon April Tough luck, 1999, the insurance company issued a vehicle policy upon his automobile.Under the planning, Exclusions, the insurance policy contained procedures that it failed to apply even though the described see the lowest price automobile was ‘used for towing associated with a trailer possessed or chosen by the covered by insurance and not protected by like insurance in the company.

The trailer was not ‘covered by like insurance in the company. Following a accident, he or she brought a great action against him for damages caused by the negligent functioning of his / her car, and also recovered a judgment within the sum of $5,500 .

The company denied liability on the floor that the coverage did not cover the car during the accident, since it was being used for pulling a ‘home trailer’ within the meaning of the agreement.
The Assess approved this contention and entered common sense for the organization.

Other plan exclusions. A policy does not use:

To damage to be able to property belonging to, rented to, in charge of or perhaps transported through the insured. The idea is that you can’t sue your self. While you are in charge of the property, it is just as though this were your own.

car insurance texas tips quick guide adviceTo injury to an employee from the insured whilst in the employ from the insured (apart from in domestic employment).

To be able to injury to a worker of the covered by insurance entitled to Workmen’s Payment benefits.

To an obligation under any Workmen’s Payment law.

Commitments assumed from the insured simply by contract or even agreement.

As the automobile is utilized as a community or livery conveyance, for instance a taxicab.